IT Gulf Coast MVC Presentation

I have been preparing for a talk on MVC for a local technology oriented group, IT Gulf Coast. My presentation is today at 11:30 and covers MVC and why it is a worthy framework to use. This talk fits my interests well; I am hooked on MVC and want others to be hooked as well!

As a developer, it is difficult to think ‘out side the box’ in a manager mind set. When I think of MVC I think of the code differences and the change in syntax. A manager needs to think of the cost saving and time spent developing (and testing).

Armed with that knowledge, I have created a presentation revolving around parallel development, SOC (separation of concerns) and the beauty of having full control over output. I will be comparing MVC to it’s old brother, Web Forms.

IT Gulf Coast September 2010

ASP.NET MVC is the premiere web development framework for the Microsoft
platform, and represents a significant departure from standard ASP.NET and
ASP web development. This new paradigm in development is perfect for both
established and new shops, and Derek will show us how this new framework
frees your developers from repetitive and error prone web development while
also providing best in class security, scalability, and features. He will
also discuss how adopting an MVC framework allows multiple developers to
avoid stepping on each other’s toes, as well as the many other business
benefits of the MVC approach. This presentation will focus on benefits to
your business rather than the technical ins and outs of source code, so
don’t miss it!

About the Presenter
Derek Gates is an independent software developer and consultant focused on
usability for web and mobile applications. With nearly a decade of
experience writing top notch user experiences, Derek is that rare software
engineer that understands users and can put together interfaces that are
both functional and pleasurable to use. Check him out at:

Getting Started

I’ve been taken in by the WordPress camp.  For too long I’ve avoided this blogging system, afraid that a badly crafted back-end would be a cause of headaches.  With the install completed, my initial fears were for naught.  WordPress is an incredibly easy to install and configure blog system.  Within 15 minutes of configuration and FTP uploading, this blog was alive.